When subject matter is no longer important, the artist can henceforth express what is essential to him. Completely free from conforming to external standards, he uses his senses and sensitivity and his preferred medium in a singular portrayal of self- identification.

Free - flowing energies from within demand expressive form - they in turn feed my senses. Thus my subjects do not consist of structured content. I relate to the suggestion of restlessness, subtle, yet ongoing motion without regard for time. I'm struck by elusive textures, atmospheric qualities, dynamic shapes, soft contours or whatever elicits a response from the "eye" of my mind. All of these keep goading me to create the unexpected - regardless of technique. Clearly, the emergence of the unseen springsforth only from within.

Abstraction is a mystery . . . breaking away from the traditional, it at times resembles some of the bad dreams one has no desire to speak of or the nonsensical play of lights and forms. But to be a successful effort, it has to direct the aimless eye.

Improvisational process

    To validate artistically my departure from objective imagery, I have to interweave the pattern of shapes, edges and planes with the color "echoes" of lights and darks, accentuating underlying rhythms and vibrations. The improvisational process produces a subject that is inferred rather than a visually portrayed content. Unexpectedly, but decicedly, what I wanted to say in my paintings was said best by the simple honesty and forthrighness of acrylics. It is acrylic's "for-the-moment" quality that mirrors me. Acrylic too is unhesitant.

"Continually I became more sensitively aware of my own intense need to create and express... to fill a deep void amidst other daily strains."

For the most part I am self-taught in my quest for visual expression and communication, but this to me is no rattling negative. I rely heavily on unmuffled curiosity, evading aesthetic rules and formulae yet inventive of the unfamiliar. The answers are with me right now but I don't know the questions!

Many times I had to balance my interest and time between what is a "job" and what I felt was my "artistic passion." Continually I became more sensitively aware of my own intense need to create and express... to fill a deep void amidst other daily strains.

Free artistic expression fused with spiritual fulfillment . . .

Time came when for me, free artistic expression fused with spiritual fulfillment. It allowed me to come to grips with everything - for in no other way can I paint unless I'm spiritually and emotionally involved. Probably because of both, I have consciously erased the picturesque but enhanced my perception of my painting's "heartbeat." Thanks to my Unseen Mentor, when I paint . . . I cannot be afraid.

With scientific zeal, the artist must unrelentingly fathom the unknown, reveal the unseen, in the search for truth . . . All for His glory!
                                                                                                                                                             Don Artamas

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Don Artamas, "Blue Awakening,"   2007 acrylic on Strathmore canvas paper 40.7cm x 50.9cm
(Private Collection: San Francisco, Ca, USA)

"We think much less than what we know. We know much less than what we love. We love much less than what there is. And to this precise extent, we are much less than what we are."

R.D. Laing, The Politics of Experience